Post by e-mail

Post an update just sending an e-mail to your private address

1. Enter your location as the SUBJECT of the e-mail

Twitxr likes the google maps format, like "Carrer del Carme, 19, Girona" or just "New York, US"

2. Type the update text as the BODY

Remember, 140 characters or less

3. Attach the picture

Use a standard e-mail attachment. Most mobile phones can send pictures taken from the camera by e-mail.

4. Send it to your private twitxr e-mail address

The address should be kept private, and it can be regenerated at any time if you think that someone knows it

How it works?

Each user is assigned a unique and easy-to-remember email address. It's displayed on the settings page. A new one may be generated at any time if you think that someone knows your address.

You can post text-only updates, picture-only updates or both. Be sure you send it as plain-text.

The post errors are replied to via the user e-mail provided to twitxr, not the e-mail box where the mail was sent (This is done for security reasons).