Frequently asked questions

1. What is Twitxr?

Twitxr is a service that allows you to stay connected with your family and friends. With twitxr you can share a moment, a picture, a thought, instantly with your mobile phone. Where are and what are you doing your friends now? Twitxr tells you.

2. How is pronounced Twitxr?

It is pronounced "twicher", more info in Martin's Varsavsky blog

3. How can I start?

All you need to do to start twitxing is create a new account, search for your friends and start posting updates.

4. How can I post updates?

Once logged-in you can post from any page on the website (click the Home link in the top menu)

5. How can I reply to other posts?

Just post an update with your reply text and ensure it contains @ + author's username of the post you want to reply.

6. What if my friends aren't on twitxr?

Once logged-in you can search for your friends on twitxr (or invite them if they aren't) at Find & invite link at top menu

7. Can I browse from a mobile phone?

Yes, we've created a custom version for mobile phone browsers:

8. Why the hell you want to know my location?

We ask for your location to tell your friends where you are and what you are doing. If you use the iPhone application we'll get your approximate location automatically from the cell your phone is connected to (learn more) but if we can't we'll ask you to enter it manually.

9. What are the public timelines?

The Global Public Timeline shows the latest 10 posts on twitxr. The Local Public Timeline shows the latest 10 posts near a particular area. The default local timeline is but you can browse the local timeline to any place you want changing the 'near_you' for the place, for example:,UK

You can be banned from the public timeline if you abuse your Twitxr account and flood the public timeline with your posts.

10. Can I post my updates to other services?

Yes. At the moment we support Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Once logged you can configure them on Settings->External Services.

11. Can I show my twitxr updates on my blog or my personal website?

Yes. You can add the following HTML code into your page, changing the word 'username' for your twitxr username):

<div id="twitxr-blog-badge">
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

12. How can I integrate Twitxr with my application?

Twitxr has a public API. All developers are more than welcome to join the Twitxr API discussion group to share experiences and get support.

13. Who is behind twitxr?

Twitxr is an original idea and creation of FON Labs.

14. What is the file size limit on uploading a photo?

At the moment you can upload files up to 8MB in size.

15. Can I protect my updates so they could be viewed only by my friends?

Yes, you can do so by checking 'Protect my updates' on your account settings page. Your updates won't appear neither on the public timeline nor on any RSS, they could only be viewed by people you're following, and you'll need to validate all your follow requests from your Home.

If you can't uncheck this option is because you have been banned from the public timeline. The reason for that probably is that you have abused your Twitxr account and flooded the public timeline with your posts.

16. Unanswered questions

If you have a question that was not answered in this FAQ please write to: fonlabs AT