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twitxrtwitxr on 29-12-2008 12:16 from Gerona, Spain from web
Some users reported that during last week twitter gateway didn't work. We've solved the problem, our apologizes for that! - iprojectmaster on 26-02-2019 15:34

comment[url= en conil[/url] [url= en conil[/url] - anntontosc on 22-06-2012 04:28

commentHi, we are happy to accept ideas: Meantime, we added Twitter and FB login among other changes. Regards. - twitxr on 14-04-2011 16:11

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twitxrtwitxr on 04-11-2008 09:35 from Gerona, Spain from web
If anyone wants to give us a hand translating twitxr into other languages, let us know at Thanks!

commentNice one, - iprojectmaster on 26-02-2019 15:43

commentI was Hong Kong of people! My e-mail was - candy on 22-06-2009 13:53

commentAs I said, if you wanna collaborate with twitxr translation write us at Thx! - twitxr on 29-12-2008 12:12

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twitxrtwitxr on 04-11-2008 09:33 from Gerona, Spain from web
We're multilingual! We've added spanish, catalan and chinese (traditional and simplified). You can set your language in your settings

commentThat nice, - iprojectmaster on 26-02-2019 15:38

commentAdditional languages would be great to make your service even more popular - raumausstatter on 06-09-2012 17:36

commentI can set my language was chinese! - candy on 22-06-2009 14:01

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twitxrtwitxr on 07-10-2008 08:55 from Gerona, Spain from web
New version of Twitxr on the App Store! Now with higher resolution photos ->

commentI like it. - iprojectmaster on 26-02-2019 15:58

commentMy job was Office Assistant of Hong Kong work! - candy on 22-06-2009 14:04

commentAny work on a Blackberry App - tedesco on 16-12-2008 00:40

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twitxrtwitxr on 23-09-2008 09:19 from Girona, Espainia from web
The official Twitxr client has been finally released on the App Store! Go install it for free

commentGood news, - iprojectmaster on 26-02-2019 15:45

commentWill you release a new version of as according iPhoneOS3.0?? When?? - uluru_katatjuta on 24-06-2009 19:12

commentThis is from Japan, iPhone OS3.0 has been released last week. I can not change the Language on I mean Globe botton disappear, li - uluru_katatjuta on 24-06-2009 19:10

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