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twitxrtwitxr on 23-09-2008 09:19 from Girona, Espainia from web
The official Twitxr client has been finally released on the App Store! Go install it for free stalk instagram web viewer - stalkhub 4 days 8 hours 7 minutes ago - monzhehe9 on 14-07-2019 17:05 - asad664 on 13-06-2019 14:10 - asad664 on 13-06-2019 13:55

commentGood news, - iprojectmaster on 26-02-2019 15:45

commentWill you release a new version of as according iPhoneOS3.0?? When?? - uluru_katatjuta on 24-06-2009 19:12

commentThis is from Japan, iPhone OS3.0 has been released last week. I can not change the Language on I mean Globe botton disappear, li - uluru_katatjuta on 24-06-2009 19:10

commentMy job don't was the App Store! My job was Office room and outwork! - candy on 22-06-2009 14:13

commentI have no idea why taken long time and failed?? - uluru_katatjuta on 22-11-2008 11:00

commentrecently, taken photo by iPhone and post by Twitxr App. It is taken long time and failed mostly every time. - uluru_katatjuta on 22-11-2008 10:58

commentThank you! Please respond to the Japanese - fuak on 25-09-2008 15:22

commentit would be cool to take the photo,save where has it been taken and upload it in the appropiate takes so long though iPhone gprs - alexbm7 on 24-09-2008 17:21

commentHi, enable or disable geolocation would be good ;) - diego on 23-09-2008 16:19

commentYujuuuuuuuuu!!! - gandhi on 23-09-2008 13:01

commentCool, but I'm waiting for an S50 one which works on my 6220 Classic ;) - analogue on 23-09-2008 11:34

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